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The Feeling of Empowerment

What makes you feel empowered? For us, and many of our guests, it's the feeling of accomplishment that comes from conquering new challenges on a dirt bike.

Empowerment and Dirt Bikes

Empowerment is "the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights."

Dirt bikes are intimidating. They're loud, powerful, heavy, and generally considered dangerous. Even with top tier skills, crashes and injuries are imminent. So, what is it about dirt bikes that keeps people coming back for more? It's the feeling the builds inside of you each time you conquer a new skill or obstacle.

Whether you are learning to ride a dirt bike or are climbing the gnarliest, rockiest hill around, dirt bikes make you feel strong, physically and mentally. There's a sense freedom and power that takes over when you control a gas powered machine with only two wheels. The way the wind blows through your helmet and kisses your face. The vibration of the motor you can feel through the grips on the handlebars. Your muscles contracting and relaxing through new terrain. But most importantly, your brain pushing past any negative thoughts and allowing you to succeed.

Come learn to ride a dirt bike with us in Grand Junction, CO or book a higher skill level guided tour and find your empowerment.

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