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Grand Junction, CO


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Ride with #makeup2mud athlete Ashley Brown


Knowledgeable and safe guides will lead your group on a customizable adventure for all skill levels through the gorgeous landscape on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Learn how to ride a dirt bike with skilled instructors on the perfect sized bike. All ages welcome.

All-inclusive 3 day/3 night dirt bike adventure on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Ride. Eat. Relax


About Us

We built this business from the ground up because we truly believe that dirt bikes are the key to happiness. Our belief is that once you throw your leg over one of our bikes and embark on your journey through some of the most amazing natural landscape the United States has to offer, you too will feel that happiness. 

Ronnie Bennett is a born and raised Grand Junction dirt bike junkie. He spent his youth, teenage years, and all of adulthood twisting throttles through the BLM Desert just North of Grand Junction and the surrounding areas. These years of experience mean he has come to know the trails in the desert better than he knows himself. Ronnie has the skills and know-how to guide you through the perfect trails for you and your group. Whether it be tight washes, open trails filled with whoops and ruts, singletrack atop plummeting hills, steep, challenging hill climbs, rocky, cliff-side singletrack, or anything else you may desire. Ronnie has got you covered!

Ashley is a Denver native who found a love for dirt bikes as an adult. Being a tomboy since elementary, Ashley has always had a knack for athletics and the extreme. It's only fitting that she found her calling on two wheels. She has extensive business experience that has prepped her for excelling this company to one of the best outdoor activities the Western Slope has to offer.  She continues to improve her skills through seat time and drills to be the best she can be. Ashley is a great teacher and loves helping new riders develop a love for two wheels. 

Together, we offer a unique dirt bike experience full of fun, humor, and most importantly, the best dirt bike equipment and knowledge found on the Western Slope. Join the two-wheel junkie movement and contact us now to set up your Grand Valley Adventure!


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Proudly run by Colorado Native Dirt Bike Enthusiasts.